Flexperts: Where Expert Capabilities Meet Flexibility

The Torchlite Marketplace is an exclusive network of professional administrators, solution consultants, designers, developers, and marketers who specialize in building and optimizing cross-cloud Salesforce solutions. We call them Flexperts, and they’re the very best at what they do.

Highly-trained Professionals

Flexperts are highly-trained, professional freelancers with robust portfolios, multiple certifications, and proven track records. They’re flexible experts, and we have over 250 of these hand-picked rockstars waiting to help you.

You need a Flexpert if...


Your team needs to scale, but you don’t want to add to headcount.


Your deadline is looming and you don’t have time to read through profiles and message back and forth to find the right expert.


You need someone to jump in with minimal onboarding and the exact skills you need to get your project over the finish line.


Your project needs the very best on-demand freelancer with multiple certifications.

TOP 4%

We Hire The Best

Torchlite selects less than 4% of freelancers that apply by rigorously screening applications, portfolios, and references.

We Find Your Perfect Match

You’ll upload your project scope into our customized wizard and we’ll get to work finding the perfect Flexpert or team for the job.

Approve & Get Back To Business

Once you’ve approved your new team member, we’ll schedule a kickoff meeting to set goals and timelines.

Management & Follow Through

By managing the freelance relationship, Torchlite defines all of the requirements up front including budget, timeline, and deliverables, and supports client projects through completion.

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