Five Skills Every MarTech Expert Must Have

Sep 12, 2018 Emily Brungard

Freelance Experts, Marketing Technology

In many ways, technology has made our lives easier. For marketers, it’s also made our jobs more difficult. With so many tools and technologies, updates and releases, how can you possibly be an expert at all of them?
We feel your pain, and that’s why we created this guide to ensure that your next martech hire is a perfect match.
These are the top skills that every marketing technology expert needs in 2018:

Experience in YOUR Martech Tool

It may seem obvious, but if you’re dedicating a portion of your marketing budget to hiring an expert, they need to be an expert in the tools you’ve already made an investment in. It wouldn’t make sense to hire a HubSpot expert if your marketing team uses Salesforce Marketing Cloud.
The exception to the rule, of course, is if you’re not currently using any marketing technology. In this case, ensure that the experts you’re interviewing have experience implementing your new technology. If not, you may need to look elsewhere.

A Track Record With Your Audience

Does your prospective hire know how to reach the right people? Do they know the kinds of tweaks to make in order to reach them at the right time? Part of the benefit of hiring an on-demand expert is that it takes less time to onboard them — that includes learning how to market to your audience. Be sure that your hire can provide examples of past strategies for marketing to your audience.

An Understanding of Analytics

Every marketer knows that at the end of the day, the numbers don’t lie. That’s why, when you depend on a marketing technology pro, it’s so important that they have an understanding of marketing analytics. Marketing technology is the glue that holds a marketing program together, and any martech expert should be able to analyze digital marketing analytics to understand what’s working and what isn’t.
An expert with an analytics-driven mindset will also be able to give examples of problems they’ve helped solve for past clients. Look for experts who can share their problem solving process from start to finish, from their initial assumptions, to how they collaborated with others across teams, to specific techniques used, to sharing their final insights.

A Love of Testing

Learning to run experiments is essential for modern marketers, no matter your martech understanding. Even knowing how to execute a simple A/B test frees up resources and pushes projects to completion faster. Marketing automation specialists are expected to manage projects that are powered by data and leverage real-time insights to keep tweaking campaigns.
It’s important to have an expert understanding of the martech landscape and to know which solutions fit your use case. This isn’t necessarily teachable — it’s something experts learn through experience, by testing different products and talking to peers. A true expert knows where and who to turn to when the time comes to implement a new piece of technology, and can make a strategic decision on which tool is the right fit — because they’ve already tested it.

The Ability to Keep Up

It’s why, as marketers, we need an extra hand. Things change quickly, especially in the marketing technology world, and a marketing technology expert must be on the leading edge of these updates. Can your prospective hire stay up-to-date on the latest trends, product releases and integrations? Many in the marketing space believe that the biggest advantage a business can have in marketing technology is being able to efficiently identify, acquire and use new tech before the competition.
The best experts will work directly with martech vendors to ensure that they’re the first to know about system updates, new capabilities and functionalities, workflow processes and innovations to increase the scalability, efficiency and effectiveness of the marketing organization. And, they’ll keep your internal marketing team updated with recommendations on how to integrate the updates into other pieces of the marketing puzzle.
The most important part of any freelance hire is ensuring that the freelancer has the skills that fill your needs — hiring a martech expert is no different. Too busy to find an expert yourself? Let us handle the vetting process and we’ll pair you with a certified on-demand expert to fill the gaps on your team.
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