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Aug 15, 2018 Emily Brungard

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If you’re a marketer, you probably roll your eyes when someone else talks about how busy they are. Between meetings, emails, actually working on projects, and the occasional social media break, who isn’t?
What if you could cut down on hours spent doing something you know a little bit about, and hand it over to an expert who can do the same task at a higher quality in half the time?
Torchlite enables you to do just that.

A Variety of Vetted Experts

We know you’ve got a great team, but if you’re anything like us, sometimes you need an extra set of hands (or five).
Torchlite connects you with experts who can help with any project you throw at them. These aren’t just any freelancers—they’re vetted experts who are certified in a variety of marketing tools to fill any role you need. With Torchlite, you are no longer limited by the skillset or availability of a full-time team. Torchlite’s on-demand experts are skilled in tools like Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Google Analytics, Adobe Creative Suite, AdWords, and more to help you fill gaps on your team.

Software to Monitor It All

Our software makes it easy for you to access, engage, manage, and pay highly sought after freelance experts. At a glance, you get a full picture of your company’s freelance engagements, outsource spending, and resource allocation, all in one place. Have a project pop up with short notice? Torchlite also provides transparency into your freelancers’ capacity, so you know who has extra availability.

The Torchlite Network

Have a specific marketing need? With access to Torchlite’s network of vetted experts, you can find the perfect person for the job. From analytics gurus to project managers, developers to email experts, social media pros to martech whisperers, our experts are certified in the tools and channels that matter most to you, and they’re ready to help you accomplish your marketing goals.
Are you spending your time wisely? It’s your most valuable asset, and if you don’t have the right skills, you could be wasting it. Tap our vetted, on-demand experts to get more from your time. Request a demo today.

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