Effortlessly Collaborate with Your Team and On-Demand Marketers

Reduce endless meetings, phone calls, and missed deadlines.

Keep a pulse on your plan

Finally, a way to visualize your entire marketing plan in one place. At a glance, you can see an overview of everything your team is working on, where they need help, and how each campaign rolls up into company objectives.

Turn ideas into action with project templates

Get hours back in your day with repeatable project templates. Create your own to use again and again. Browse the Marketplace for best practice project templates you can pull off the shelf and customize them to meet your team's needs.

Coordinate from one central calendar

With the Torchlite calendar, your entire company has unprecedented visibility into the marketing plan. Filter by objective, teammate, or even overdue work so you can see the level of detail that's important to you.

Redefine how your marketing team operates

Collaborate and break down information silos. With multiple ways to view every campaign, you can address blockers, approve work, and make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

Hire On-Demand Digital Experts to Get Marketing Done

Sometimes you just need an extra set of hands. With Torchlite you’re no longer limited by the skillset or availability of your full-time team. Tap into the Torchlite Marketplace of experts to fill gaps on your team and get more done.