Email Marketing Campaigns and Strategies to Test

Apr 11, 2017 Olivia Carroll

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Email is a wonderful way to receive photos of your nieces and nephews and to send your friends that video of a bulldog skateboarding. But more than that, email is a marketer’s best friend.
According to Campaign Monitor, for every $1 spent, email marketing generates $38 in ROI and gives marketers the broadest reach of all the channels available to them.
Common email marketing tactics include newsletters, promotions, or announcements – all of which must fit your brand, as well as your target audience.
Successful email campaigns require successful marketing tactics. Here are some important things to keep in mind while creating email campaigns for your company.

Put yourself in the consumer’s shoes

Think about opening up your email after a vacation, or even overnight. It can be overwhelming to be bombarded with hundreds of emails from websites you only visited once. Often, you probably delete these emails without a second thought.
This is why it’s essential for brands to deliver relevant, unique, and consistent email campaigns.  Emails should genuinely provide readers with useful information.
Along those lines, skip the click-bait type headlines that do not relate to the content of your email. This misleading copy creates an inherent distrust in readers and deters them from opening your emails in the future.

Give readers valuable content

Free seminars, downloadable ebooks, or insider tips all contain useful info that consumers can use in their current business strategies, and they will remember that you assisted them.
That being said, even under the best platforms, content is still essential. Now here’s the fun part: become a marketing spy!
Subscribe to competitor newsletters and pay attention to what headlines entice you to open them. Also, pay attention to when you stop reading or click out of it. What would it take for you to unsubscribe entirely?
If you find some of your competitor’s newsletters are engaging you, keep a running list of the topics they cover.
Having said this, never lose sight of what your company does best, and do not change your tone or brand voice based off what your competitors are doing. Use their techniques as suggestions, but remain original and fresh.
Some advice from an influential marketer, “use email marketing to accomplish what email does best: increase revenue, generate leads, strengthen customer relationships, increase website traffic, and build brand awareness” (Campaigner).

A/B testing

Before running your email campaign, create two separate emails and send them out to small groups. Based off of the metrics, send the more successful email to your full list.
On this same note, make sure to evaluate the results at the conclusion of the campaign to see what elements helped and which distracted from the campaign’s messaging.
The most important metrics to measure include open rate, click-through rate, as well as unsubscribes (Kiss Metrics).
For more tips on email marketing visit the following infographic:
email marketing an integration story

Infographic: Adstation

Email marketing targets consumers specifically based off of interests and previous searches, but it must be executed properly to make an impact on lead generation and sustainable email readers.

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