Effective and Easy Digital Marketing for Franchises: 10 Critical Steps

Feb 08, 2015 Ellen Bowers


If you run a small business or franchise you often have to compete with bigger businesses, and all businesses survive on sales. Without sales, a business dies. Without vibrant sales, a business stagnates. Without strong vibrant sales, a business stagnates and eventually dies.
It’s up to the small business owner (that’s you) to ensure sales are brisk and constantly increasing in number, not on a flat line or decreasing. So what is a smart, but overworked business owner to do? There are a lot of advertising choices available, and each type has its own set of benefits and costs.
But remember, advertising and marketing are very different things. Let’s start by looking at some of the different types of advertising before we dive into the secrets of effective and easy digital marketing for franchises.

Traditional Advertising

– Newspapers, magazines and periodical ads
– Community newsletters and flyers
– Billboards
– Radio and TV and Infomercials
– Event Sponsorship and networking

Digital Marketing

– PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising
– Social Advertising on Facebook, Twitter
– Email Marketing
– Social Media Management
– Content Marketing

Advertising may momentarily increase sales, but it’s transitional, temporary and costly. Typically, customers make purchases after multiple interactions with your brand and are more likely to purchase if a friend recommends your business.
How do you start? There are 10 critical steps for effective and easy digital marketing for franchises, and we’ve outlined all them for you in an eBook that will get you pointed in the right direction. Sign up for the Torchlite Marketing beta program at www.blog.torchlite.com and we’ll deliver the eBook to you for free.
Isn’t that a great deal? Plus, you’ll get to try out our own methodology before we launch it to the world!
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