Marketing Made Easy: How Tom's Shoes Wove an Incredible Story

Dec 03, 2014 Mike Hanna


Stories. Stories. Stories. What’s yours?

I love Tom’s shoes. The story makes sense to me. As legend has ita boy named Tom met people in a distant land who were very sick because they could’t afford shoes. Without shoes, they would get terrible diseases. To help them, an entrepreneur named Blake created a business that would donate one pair of shoes for every pair sold.

Simple. Powerful. Memorable.     

Plus, the shoes were pretty hip and cool. According to Fast Company, Tom’s’ Shoes currently donates shoes in 59 countries and gave a conservative revenue estimate of nearly $250 million in 2013.

The Lesson?

Remember that you aren’t selling cakes, car parts, yoga classes or financial advice. You are selling love, independence, peace or wealth. People can buy cake anywhere, but we feel happier when we buy cake that’s made from secret recipes, passed down for generations and baked with loving hands in memory of someone special. When we talk about creating digital marketing campaigns for franchises, we call this lesson ‘digital marketing made easy’. Why? Because simple, powerful, and memorable communication is what you need for effective digital marketing.

‘Digital marketing made easy’ means that all you have to do is start thinking about humane ways to sell your products and services. Instead of focusing on revenue, think about helping people. Ask yourself – how can I help my community? What’s the emotional, humane story that I want to be associated with what I do?
Brainstorm with your team, collect answers, and put them into your local digital marketing plan. Do something worthwhile, something that tells a story. You’ll experience amazing results when word of mouth starts doing its job. Moreover, knowing that you put your efforts and talent in great causes will maximize your motivation and engagement in every single task. Focus on good deeds and share them with your audience – you’ll be glad you did.

So what’s your story?

Tell us in the comments below!
-Susie and Ellen
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