Digital Marketing Campaigns for Franchises: Build & Maximize Your Email List's ROI with a Cool Contest or Giveaway

Feb 15, 2015 Mike Hanna


According to Jeff Rohrs, author of Audience: Marketing in the Age of Subscribers, Fans and Followers, people love “free” stuff and the chance to win big. It’s an important thing to remember when it comes to digital marketing campaigns for franchises. If you offer a “Contest”, make sure you have a simple Landing Page that gives visitors the details and has an Opt-In form that identifies what information they will provide and how it will and will not be used. Requesting too much (and often extraneous) information limits and discourages Opt-Ins.
Make sure you offer a “Social Login” through Facebook or Google. Offering a “Social Login” reduces customer resistance, eliminates having to remember another login and password for the customer, and if they use Facebook, you can extract their name, gender, email address, marital status, birthday and location with a couple of clicks. Wow! That’s powerful stuff!

Everything you do in your digital marketing campaigns for franchises requires you to first examine your ROI. Always:

  • Balance your cost to acquire a new Subscriber, Fan or Follower with the value they bring to your company, both immediately and in the future.
  • Segment your Email list into new contest/giveaway Subscribers, Fans or Followers and existing Email subscribers, so that when you later send out Emails you are able to gauge the response from the New Contest Opt Ins via your regular customers.
  • Align prizes, giveaways and incentives to your brand. Prizes that aren’t aligned, such as iPad or Cash, will draw attention, but you want your brand to be associated if at all possible (i.e. cash equivalents to purchase something(s) from your store)
  • Test the prize or giveaway to ensure it will be a “hotly desired item.” Bigger prize to one or a few, versus small prizes to many, draws more attention and Opt-Ins. For validation, just look to the Power Ball when the prize is nearing a billion dollars.
  • Be sure to immediately communicate with your new subscribers, thanking them for participating, and communicate regularly. Don’t let your efforts atrophy, let them hear from you with relevant information.

We highly recommend Jeff’s Book – Audience: Marketing in the age of Subscribers, Fans and Followers. To purchase, click here! 
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