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The Coronavirus dramatically slowed the world economy in early 2020, and traditional offices, services, and retail transformed into cloud-based operations or risked closing permanently. Many were caught off guard by the urgent need for remote access, leaving them scrambling to put systems in place to survive in a world forced to do business from home.

Small businesses (SMBs) were disproportionately affected by the global pandemic as they struggled to stay top of mind without direct access to their customers. When a confined workspace became a public health hazard, owners and workers left in droves with their laptops to run the business from home offices, bedrooms, and kitchen tables, hoping to stay connected and open.

CRMs Give SMBs The Edge

Many SMBs have adapted at lightning speed, and it’s no secret why; those that had capitalized on advanced commerce and service solutions are faring far better than those who hadn’t. As we know, maintaining customer contact is the lifeblood of small business, and utilizing a CRM isn’t just good business, it’s become a major difference between those who are thriving, and those struggling to survive the continued economic downturn.

CRM technology allows businesses to target the most qualified leads, ramp up retention efforts, increase sales productivity, and provide highly personalized messaging to existing customers. All of this is great on a regular day, but it’s now become an absolute necessity, and one that isn’t going away.

The Right Technology At The Right Time

Long before COVID-19 turned the world upside down, customers were demanding more seamless, personalized interactions. There were limitless CRM options for mid-market and enterprise level companies, but nothing that spoke to the needs and budgets of small businesses. That’s when Salesforce, the gold standard in customer relationship management platforms, stepped in.

Salesforce Essentials launched in 2018 to help SMBs get on the Salesforce platform quickly, and scale up as needed. The Salesforce Essentials Advisor program trained new Admins on how to provide additional assistance customers may need to set up and maximize this powerful resource for their businesses.

Torchlite has always been there to support all levels of businesses, but as a small business ourselves, we truly understand the importance of the right people at the right time, using the right technology.

This month, Torchlite proudly announced the launch of our Salesforce Essentials Advisor Marketplace. It’s a new way for small businesses to access certified Salesforce Essentials Advisors on-demand with no long-term contracts, minimums, or limits.

As we move forward with the lessons learned from the past few months, we remain committed to helping your business navigate and thrive in these unprecedented times, while creating job opportunities through our talent marketplace.

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