Cats Break the Internet

Jun 17, 2015 Beth Smedinghoff


If you would ask me if I am a cat person, or a dog person, I would probably tell you that I am a big cat person. I have a cat of my own, but that doesn’t stop me from going online and seeing tons of cats when I log onto Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. These media sites are used for more than just sharing from friends and family, and businesses are now trying to grab the attention from consumers on these platforms.
It’s not easy to grab the attention of someone scrolling on Facebook or Twitter- and it can’t always be done by showing your product. I, however, like many other people will stop and click on something if it involves a funny cat or dog video- it doesn’t have to be from my friends, as long as the animal is cute. Cats on social media is a huge player in drawing attention to your business- and here are a few reasons why.
1. Cats can give businesses tons of attention.
Tons of attention and recognition can be gained for a business just by posting a semi-related picture of a cat. In fact- it may not have to be related at all. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve gotten pictures shared to me from friends and family, who found a cute or funny cat video. Tracing back the videos to where they came from, they can range anywhere from a radio station to a candle company.
Here are a few examples of cats from unrelated businesses- and with utilizing cat posting, these businesses are able to get more traffic and attention to their pages than posts about their actual product.
Here is a cute picture of a cat from- Epic Meal Time, a YouTube channel based on making ridiculous, but delicious food creations. They had posted this picture of a cat with one of the ingredients that Epic Meal Time uses the most: bacon. Though food and baking shows have nothing to do with cats, Epic Meal Time posted this and had 3.5 thousand likes, as well as almost 300 shares.
Another great example of cats appearing in unrelated businesses is Cosmopolitan, an international fashion magazine. Typically their posts get anywhere from 200-800 likes on Facebook, but when this picture was posted, they received more than 6000 likes, and 1000 shares.
Another example of businesses using their cats for digital marketing is for a dating site for singles. Their posts about cats and dogs get significant more likes and shares than other content- and Meetville has been posting tons of cats and dogs videos.
2. Rolling with the trends can get you more recognition.
Sometimes the strangest things can become large cultural icons- take Grumpy Cat for example. Starting on Reddit and then spreading to the rest of the internet, Grumpy Cat was a huge trend in 2012 and still pops up today. While tons of people had posted tons of pictures of the cat who looked angry no matter what it was doing, businesses also took the opportunity to gain attention and recognition for posting this cat. An example of this can be seen with Friskies, the pet supply company. They were able to use Grumpy Cat as a campaign and use Grumpy Cat as a “spokescat” for the business, and gain tons of recognition.
3. Cats pertain to a large audience.
There are plenty of cat people out there, like myself, and cats are the #2 search on google under “animals,” right under dogs. Even if there are strong dog-lovers out there, everyone can appreciate a picture of a cute animal. For a business, posting a picture of a cat can reach kids, adults, parents, college students, pretty much anyone. The only harm in posting a cat or dog picture, is if you post them too much, people might come to expect cat pictures and may not look at the actual product as much. However, we believe that coverage and attention, from cats or dogs, can still promote a fun-side of a business and is still worth it. Even if 1 out of 10 people click on the business who originally posted the cat picture, that is still one person who had looked more into the business that wouldn’t have before.
All in all, posting your animals on a business’s digital media page may be unrelated, but the recognition is worth it and your audience is sure to enjoy it.
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