Why (and How) to Bring Your LinkedIn Company Page Back to Life

Jun 27, 2016 Beth Smedinghoff

Marketing, Social Media, Visibility

With so many channels to manage, it is often easy to forget about your LinkedIn company page. With so much of your marketing efforts going towards social media giants intended to find and convert loyal customers, LinkedIn is often thought of only for job-seekers.
In the increasingly competitive world we find ourselves navigating, you simply can’t afford to let your LinkedIn company page lapse. Customers choose the platform that works best for them and you can’t afford to lack a presence where your customers are.
A successful LinkedIn company page showcases your company and your products and provides an opportunity to direct traffic to your website. Company pages are also great for SEO. Aside from these great benefits, you will gain a certain amount of credibility for your company.
LinkedIn has gained a reputation for genuine content and your company page is one more step toward gaining the trust of potential customers. LinkedIn is a good venue for content that may not be appropriate for Twitter or other similar platforms. For example, you can post things like white papers, blog posts, or press releases which will reach a different audience.
Ok, now how do you go about bringing your company page back to life? The key to rejuvenating any stale piece of marketing is vibrant content.

1) Consider new and diverse forms of content

Does your company page simply post updates? Repetitive content eventually dries up and users seek out something new and exciting. Consider video as an option. If you only use blog posts, try a white paper. As always, use relevant content for your audience. Also, use images as they often do more to attract your readers than text.

2) Engage your employees and colleagues

These are people who likely already believe in your message. Why not leverage that? Encourage your employees to share your content. Also, craft some content with them in mind. You can showcase great employees or highlight projects that your workers are especially proud of and show them off to the world. Your employees will appreciate it and show their gratitude through shares.

3) Create a Showcase Page

LinkedIn allows companies to create showcase pages. These pages allow companies to showcase particular brands, topics, or causes that relate to your business. Users can follow showcase pages without having to follow a particular business. This is a good way to expand your reach to a wider audience and diversify your content without always looking as though you are pushing a sale or an agenda.

4) Use sponsored updates

Sponsored updates provide your business with a way to reach your target audience on LinkedIn. You can identify your audience and specifically target your content to those readers. In addition, you can monitor engagement with these updates to see how you are doing.
Now that you’ve brought your company page back to life, it’s time to make sure your content will support it. This guide shows you how to get more from your content, by working smarter, not harder.

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