Advertising vs. Marketing: What is the difference?

Mar 16, 2015 Mike Hanna


Advertising is the act of getting the word out to consumers about a product or service. Marketing is the larger process of successfully selling products or services to the consumer from start to finish. Marketing may begin as early as the research and development stage and involves market research, product development, pricing, sales strategies, distribution, advertising and public relations. Advertising, therefore, is only one part of the marketing process.
Gay Silberg, CEO of Los Angeles-based marketing consultancy Graham Silberg Sugarman puts it this way “Marketing presents the overall picture for how the company will promote, distribute, and price its products or services. One of the ways that promotion will take place is through an advertising campaign. A marketing plan should also include public relations, sales, distribution strategies, and promotions.”
If you bought a franchise, you purchased a business plan, logo, brand, store design and location. You are probably contributing to an advertising campaign to inform and pull customers; but is that a “marketing plan?” Is it really enough to sustain and build your business? It’s enough to get you started in business, but as a new business owner it’s up to you figure out how to “market” your baby; to create a comprehensive marketing plan that really works. If it was easy, everyone would be successful.  Hard work, a vibrant smile and a great product choice is part of marketing plan, but the Big Picture is getting the word out and having your customers send their friends. Here are the most important components of your marketing plan. Don’t stress too much over each category, but make sure you cover each area in your plan.

Target Market
Positioning Statement
Offering to customers
Price Strategy
Sales Strategy
Service Strategy
Promotion Strategy
Marketing Research
Any other component of your marketing plan

Getting the word out today is easier and harder than ever. The internet is bursting with ways to market your product, some good, some not so good. The smart entrepreneur finds a full service marketing agency that does it all at a price that fits a budget. Don’t look at real marketing as a business expense, look on it as an investment in your success and future. If you believe marketing works, you understand why really effective marketing is a your best investment in your new business.
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