A Look Back at 2017 with Susan Marshall

Dec 20, 2017 Maria Rummel

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2017 was such a whirlwind, we almost can’t believe it’s over! In just 365 days, we introduced our new marketing orchestration platform, hit 1,000 Facebook page likes, made a new mouse friend in the office, wrote 208,541 lines of code, ate over 600 chocolate chip chewy bars, devoured countless meals at the Garden Table… and so much more.
We sat down with Susan Marshall, co-founder and CEO of Torchlite, to take a closer look at the last year:

Q: Looking back, what do you consider the biggest highlights of 2017?

A: We doubled revenue in 2017 and launched our new marketing orchestration platform – Torchlite Action. The platform enables marketers to create campaigns using our rich, campaign templates, manage projects and source talent to execute those campaigns and projects. The vision came to life this year, and we wouldn’t be where we are if it wasn’t for the collaboration with our freelancers and customers.

Q: Last year, you said, “2017 is going to be all about putting the pedal to the metal and executing against what we know works.” How did you see the team put the pedal to the metal this year?

A: We invested in building a fantastic new business and customer success team and doubled down on our vetting and recruiting of top-notch freelance talent. The team worked around the clock to make our customers successful, which led to repeat business, referrals, and renewals. The product team took in customer feedback and quickly iterated on the product to deliver the marketing orchestration platform we have today. All and all, I couldn’t be more proud of the team we have today and their passion for helping marketers.

Q: What made Torchlite’s successes in 2017 possible?

A: Collaboration, Communication, and Curiosity are our three core values. This past year was about finding the right people for the right roles and empowering the team to collaborate on behalf of the customer. We win or lose as a team, and we really came together this year to make it all happen. I’m very proud of the Torchlite team and the network of talent we’ve cultivated over the year.

Q: What were your biggest lessons learned in 2017?

A: Our mission is to enable marketers to do great work and love what they do every single day. This means we are selling outcomes and results, not just software or services. Our hybrid software/services model enables us to deliver those outcomes and it’s highly differentiated. Having everyone aligned behind that mission – whether they are in product, sales, marketing, services, or support is critical to the success of any company.

Q: What’s next in 2018 for Torchlite?

A: Next year, we plan on building out a larger, extended network of specialized resources and campaign templates. Marketers will be able to fill knowledge gaps through our vast template library and talent gaps through on on-demand network of specialized experts. And since everything will live within our marketing orchestration platform, marketers will be able to easily manage those campaigns and projects to completion!

A few of our favorite moments from 2017

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