8 Questions To Ask Before You Start Your Next Marketing Campaign

Jul 23, 2017 Beth Smedinghoff

Leadership, Marketing

As a campaign comes to a close, we as marketers begin to reflect on how our programs have performed up to this point. Then we either do a little jig at the thought of incorporating our learnings into the plan for a new campaign or we quietly start to panic as we add planning a new campaign to our endless to-do list.
Most marketing leaders today seem to lean towards the latter. But why? You you know what you’re doing. You know what works and what doesn’t, so stop stressing. Step away from the Twitter feed for a second and focus on the intent behind your marketing.
Too often marketing leaders allow the how to determine their what and why. Before you get sucked down a rabbit hole of the latest trends, tools, and buzzwords, take a step back and get clear on your on the intent for your new campaign. Ask yourself:


  • – numbers are we trying to hit?
  • – major initiatives will help us hit these numbers?
  • – is our team going to look like to drive these initiatives forward?
  • – will our brand represent both internally and externally?


  • – are these the numbers we should hit?
  • – are these the major initiatives that will help us hit that number?
  • – is the team going to look like this?
  • – will our brand be represented this way both internally and externally?

Now you’re ready to dive into the how. With a clear picture of your intent, you can create a focused and strategic plan for your campaign. And just remember, if you get frazzled or find your planning process is becoming too complex, come back to your what and your why – they’ll take your marketing where it needs to go.
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