5 Ways to Acquire and Connect with Subscribers on YouTube

Feb 21, 2015 Mike Hanna


Your goal is to acquire as many subscribers as possible through multiple channels, and YouTube is a powerful channel. Most company’s don’t realize that subscribers are automatically notified by YouTube via email and in-site messaging wherever you post a new video.
2015: The Year of Video
We saw more video and image-based platforms like Pinterest and Instagram gain traction in 2014, but we predict that 2015 will be the year of videos as marketers increase leveraging YouTube’s large social network. With improvement of video reach on Facebook and rumors of video-based advertising coming, I expect more videos on Facebook as well. Videos will be huge in 2015.
There are several ways to acquire SUBSCRIBERS on YouTube:

  • In-Video Call to Action
  • Video Click to Subscribe Overlays (to Your YouTube Channel)
  • Inclusion of a YouTube SUBSCRIBE button on your Owned Media
  • Creating and promoting a video devoted solely to promoting the benefit of subscribing to your YouTube channel
  • YouTube TrueView ads that promote your video next to other video content. You pay when seekers click and become viewers

Use YouTube to:

  • Describe and sell your product or service
  • Post a funny customer video from your Facebook page that endears your company to CUSTOMERS
  • Make a video that supports a good cause your company supports
  • Make a series of cute, funny, humorous, emotional or informative videos that are relevant to your Customers
  • Have fun with customer interviews describing their experience
  • Use a video of your brick and mortar business showing its beauty, location, size, products, etc.
  • Use a video to be entertaining and gracious showing your CUSTOMERS how they will be treated
  • Post happy employee and staff videos, especially at Holidays
  • Post a video promoting a contest or game where CUSTOMERS may win a valuable prize

Printed with permission from Jeff Rohr’s book: Audience: Marketing in the age of Subscribers, Fans and Followers. To purchase, go to http://amzn.to/Maz6T0
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Mike Hanna
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