5 Signs Your Marketing Team Needs a Flexpert

Mar 20, 2019 Emily Brungard

Freelance Experts

“Technology changes exponentially, but organizations change logarithmically.”
That’s something called Martec’s Law, and it has transformed the way that organizations get marketing done. Technology changes at lightspeed, but humans and organizations take longer to develop new behaviors.
In layman’s terms, full-time marketing teams just can’t keep up with the changes. There’s an entire class of professionals out there who can keep up, though: digital marketing flexperts. Freelance martech experts spend every single day working in these tech stacks (unlike your full-time team who juggle the technology alongside countless other daily tasks). They know the ins and outs of these platforms. They read product release notes for fun. They know how they integrate with one another and how to make them sing.
These are just five signs that you could use a flexpert on your team.
You’re not an expert, but you need one
Your marketing campaign needs a specialization that your team simply doesn’t have. Do you go without, letting a novice play around until they find something that works — or do you hire a skilled flexpert?
Someone’s on parental leave
Maternity and paternity leaves are part of life (get it?). If you haven’t already, you’ll be met with a team shortage of the new-baby genre soon enough. Do you suffer through the leave shorthanded?
You only have so many hours in your day
No one is more aware than you how busy your team is, juggling everything that comes your way. Pile one more task on a team member and the spinning plates may crash. There’s another solution… you know that, right?
You can’t dedicate a team member to a project
The fact is, in the midst of millions of marketing projects, there’s going to come a time when you or members of your staff need to shift focus to a newer or higher priority project. You don’t want to lose sight of the tasks at hand — sounds like it’s time to call on a flexpert.
A team member leaves
During times of transition, sometimes the best solution is one who’s farther away from ground zero. With no skin in the game, flexperts can keep the ship sailing while you focus on transition trauma. Or, would you rather your campaigns go dark?
Let me guess: You can relate to at least a few of those scenarios, right? It’s just the nature of
the marketing business. As technology continues to evolve and your team continues to grow, remember that you’ve got a built-in layer of support, talent, and time at your fingertips with flexperts. Learn more about Flexperts in our latest e-book, “Flexpertise.”

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