4 Reasons Why Your Company Should Be Using Facebook

Aug 22, 2016 Guest Contributor

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There is no doubt that the use of social media marketing is an essential component of success for any company. With shifting demographics, the need for social media marketing is overwhelming. Specifically, using Facebook to leverage social media presence can reap many benefits. Smaller companies who perhaps do not invest in social media may wonder why Facebook analytics are important to their marketing efforts.
Here’s a run-down of all the reasons companies of all sizes need to take advantage of Facebook as part of their marketing strategy:
It’s Free
Facebook is free! There are no fees for using Facebook. That’s a pretty great deal: you can increase social media presence for zero cost. No brainer! It’s easy and user friendly, and won’t pull from your marketing budget. Other social media platforms, such as LinkedIn, may require premium accounts that do in fact cost money. But, getting a Facebook account to promote your business is literally priceless.
Customer Interaction
Using Facebook provides an easy way to interact with your company’s customers. Customers can write posts on your page, and businesses can in turn engage and have valuable conversations. It creates a personal experience that customers might not otherwise have.
Coming into my internship at Torchlite, I had never heard of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It seemed like a fancy term that fancy marketers used. I am no SEO expert, but I do know the importance of having a digital presence online. When doing a simple Google search, as a small business, you want your company to be one of the first sites that pops up, and having a Facebook page will help in that effort.
Vast Audience
According to Zephoria Digital Marketing, Facebook has more monthly active users that WhatsApp, Twitter, and Instagram combined at 1.49 billion users. Facebook continues to be the social media platform of choice for those all over the world. There are so many users that could potentially come across your company’s page in search for a certain product or service.
For a small company, not having a Facebook account is the equivalent of not having your favorite underground artist on Spotify. You search for them expecting to find them, and they don’t pop up as a result. There’s no way that loyal fans will be able to listen to their favorite bands, and even worse: there’s no way for new listeners to discover this artist. Similarly, Facebook is important to keep loyal customers updated and happy, while also allowing for the possibility for potential customers to learn about the great content, services, and products your company has to offer.

Taking the Next Step

There is endless opportunity in putting effort into creating a Facebook page. Torchlite values Facebook and the data it has to offer; so much in fact that social analytics are an integral part of our proprietary platform. Torchlite tracks Facebook data because we know that it is an essential part in any company’s marketing efforts. We want your company to succeed, and we stress that the benefits of increasing digital presence will be well worth it, as your company will start to see increased sales and revenue.
For more information on how Torchlite can help you take advantage of Facebook marketing for your business, Request a Demo.

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