10 Things You Need to Know About Twitter

Feb 16, 2015 Mike Hanna

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Think you know everything about Twitter? Think again! You probably know Twitter is a fully public, broadcast medium, unlike Facebook which is a semi-private, personal, medium. You probably also know Twitter allows 140 character “Tweet” to your followers and that you can “Retweet” to others. You also most likely know you can search “Tweets” via words or hashtags.

  • Can link to people, websites, pictures and videos
  • Can let users view embedded pictures and videos without leaving Twitter
  • Can let users pay to promote “Tweets” and profiles via paid advertising
  • Can enable user payments via hashtags
  • Allows you to leverage Twitter Cards to embed pre-filled forms in “Tweets”*
  • Allows you to use “Twitter Cards” for lead generation, sales, and audience-building
  • You can use Twitter to view and share television highlights from partners
  • Your “Twitter Handle” links positive comments to your “Twitter Profile” which extends your brand’s reach at zero cost
  • Your customer complaints go public, as well as to your audience. Failure to monitor and respond to a venting can be a public relation nightmare
  • Twitter notifies users when they are mentioned by others, that’s why companies pay celeberties to retweet their brand

* Twitter Cards can be expanded with a single click and provide far more context and interaction than a Tweet alone. Sales forms that streamline the Tweets-to-Conversion process is far better than directing traffic to a landing page.
Reprinted with permission from Audience: Marketing in the age of Subscribers, Fans and Followers by Jeff Rohrs. You can purchase his fabulous book here: http://amzn.to/Maz6T0
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