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The Secret to Improving Your Marketing Funnel

Have you ever been curious about the psychology behind decision-making? Think about it – we don’t wake up on a Wednesday and decide we absolutely cannot live without a Snuggie. These decisions take time and a whole lot of persuasive messaging. And the bigger the commitment, the longer it takes for consumers to act.

For B2C customers, it could take just one targeted ad to hit the point home, but for B2B, it can be a little trickier to create lasting impressions. So how do B2B marketers go about converting their leads into customers? Usually, the marketing funnel has a huge part to play.

By now we are all familiar with the traditional marketing funnel, used to explain the process of a consumer’s journey through awareness, interest, decision, and then action. This funnel outlines the process of moving leads through the sales process:


Sales Funnel


The secret to building a sustainably successful funnel? Focusing on post-purchase engagement tactics to retain and build loyal customers. The traditional funnel focuses on closing the sale, but marketers need to look beyond the sale to build a solid customer retention strategy.

Why? Because post-purchase customer satisfaction can affect every other element of the funnel. According to Autopilot, even a 5% increase in customer retention can boost a company’s profits by 95%.

Here are three ways to improve customer retention and ensure your funnel is as effective as it can be:

1. Keep Up With Your Online Reviews

Most consumers discover your brand when they have a problem and reach out to others for advice. According to Search Engine Land’s research, 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

This applies to every stage of the funnel. It’s essential to keep up with these reviews and respond according. Responding personally on Twitter is a great way to engage with online comments. Just remain true to your brand voice and tone.

2. Focus on Customer Support

Providing effective onboarding procedures and useful content will create lasting customer satisfaction and loyalty. Make sure your customers aren’t drowning in overwhelming new practices. Put systems in place to ensure that the right resources are available to your clients when they need them. These include (but are never limited to):

  • – FAQs
  • – Forum Threads
  • – Tutorials
  • – Customer Service Content

Using a strategic onboarding process will reassure clients they made the right decision, making them likely to continue with your product or service and share their recommendation with others both online and off.

3. Be Transparent

Allow customers to see the direction and vision of the company as it changes. The Customer Journey Marketer Blog suggests you use rewards programs to keep clients engaged and aware of changes and opportunities with their contracts. These could be advisory boards, exclusive advocate groups, communities for elite customers, gifts, special invitations, or praise. And don’t forget the value of building a close personal relationship.

For more tips on optimizing each stage of the funnel, check out the infographic below: sales funnel

As our marketing methods become increasingly public, we must adapt our methods, including the marketing funnel. Use the methods above to slingshot your marketing funnel into 2017 and ahead of your competitors. By focusing on the post-sales element of the funnel, your team will be empowered to create lasting marketing methods that strengthen the other stages of your funnel.

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