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Torchlite’s Guide: How to Fill the Gaps in Your Marketing Tech Stack

In our last blog post, Torchlite’s Guide: How to Fill the Skill Gaps on Your Marketing Team, we talked about the ways in which marketing campaigns can suffer due to skill gaps on your team.

Now that you know how to fill your skill gaps, it’s time to talk about getting ahead of those pesky technology gaps. Digital marketing today ensures gaps, but anticipating these gaps can make all of the difference in closing the gaps before they even occur.

This new way to approach digital marketing empowers teams to work more efficiently, and according to Kapost, efficient teams produce 2x more content than average organizations and do it 163% faster.

Here are some places where tech gaps can happen and how to get ahead of them before they even occur:


Technology gaps can stem from a lack of communication between various moving parts of a campaign. Often, marketing technology can lack the ability for marketing specialists and managers to correspond within the platform. One key component to success is to find a platform that supports your marketing team throughout the entire production process.

When choosing technology to improve collaboration consider the following questions:

• Does this tool allow me to work with my internal team and external marketing partners?

• Can I archive conversations and revisit them later?

• Does this platform allow me to work with my internal and external team, approve campaigns, and share ideas?


When running a campaign, it can be challenging to accurately manage implementation, stay on target, and meet deadlines. On top of that, technology gaps can limit visibility, causing tasks, tactics, and feedback to be overlooked. With so many digital marketing channels, it isn’t easy to stay on top of every to-do task. Ensuring that your team uses a platform that delivers total transparency can be the difference between whether your campaign is a success or not.

When looking for a tool that improves visibility, ask yourself:

• Can I see how every component of my campaign is progressing in real-time?

• Am I receiving analytics reports on a frequent basis?

• Can I communicate with my marketing team to ensure the campaign is on the right track?


Leveraging experts with distinct specialties is the only way to get successful campaigns out the door in today’s complex digital age. However, not all technology is equipped to manage the full scope of specialization required to launch a complete campaign. If your current tech stack doesn’t enable your entire team to produce their best work, you have a gap that needs to be addressed.

When looking to marketing technology to improve production and performance ask:

• Can I manage the production of each campaign element within this platform?

• Can I store campaign assets in one central location to ensure my team is always working with the most up-to-date deliverables?

• Can the platform show me if my campaign is returning my investment and achieving my goals?

At Torchlite, our platform puts marketers in constant communication to ensure maximum collaboration, visibility, and performance. It also allows clients to see metrics, analytics, and the progress of each campaign component 24/7. With a network of over 325 vetted freelancers who specialize in nearly all areas of digital marketing, we can fill not only your tech gaps but also your skill gaps. For more information on how Torchlite can fill your tech gaps, check out The Torchlite Advantage.

And for even more insight into how to get ahead of the gaps, check out our new e-book:

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