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Why Your Marketing Team Should Volunteer (And Where To Do It)

The reasons for volunteering with a marketing team might seem like common sense. Bettering the community and gaining a sense of benevolence are obvious benefits. But the reasons for donating your team’s time and efforts go even deeper than that. Research shows that skills gained volunteering actually translate to the team’s overall success. Marketing teams gain experience that can be used in daily situations to address clients, campaigns, and aid marketing strategy.

Some volunteering benefits include:

Increased Team Engagement

Volunteering as a group strengthens team dynamics and relationships. Forming these bonds are a great way to foster collaboration and trust among your team. Due to this increased sense of engagement, there is a much lower rate of turnover for teams who volunteer. According to a Gallup study, employees who feel a strong commitment to their company put in 57% more effort into the job and are 87% less likely to resign.

Not only can a volunteer program help you keep top talent, but it can also help you attract it. In a Deloitte volunteer IMPACT survey, 61% of millennials agreed that when choosing between two job positions with the same locations, responsibilities, pay and benefits they would choose the job with a volunteer program.

Regular volunteering also gives marketing teams the chance to collaborate and for more experienced marketers to bestow their leadership styles upon less experienced marketers. This strong level of interpersonal bonding can lead to better campaign strategy and implementation.

Skill Development

91% of Fortune 500 HR managers said that volunteering can be an extremely effective way to cultivate business and leadership skills, according to a Deloitte study. These skills include project management, communication, goal-setting, and evaluation. These individual skills add to the team’s overall success.

Collaboration, communication, representing an organization, meeting deadlines, and project management are just a few skills that volunteers pick up while working on a project. One of the greatest attributes volunteers must have is the ability to think on their feet. Improvisation in response to problems or issues is entirely applicable to tackling challenges in marketing.

One of the most important lessons for young marketers is arguably the often-limited resources they are presented with in such scenarios and how that challenge can be a springboard for effective marketing.” Maeve Hosea, Marketing Week

Brand Differentiation

According to an written in Forbes, organizations with strong corporate social responsibility have a higher rate of brand differentiation. CSR gives the organization a greater vision towards long-term thinking, which allows for companies to be sustainable.

The more involved the marketing team is in volunteering, the more its values and mission will shine through naturally into the public sphere. Volunteering is a great opportunity to provide readers with updates on the team’s corporate culture through social posts. Sharing photos and testimonials on blogs and social really emphasizes the brand’s focus.

“Part of it is having the chance to apply your marketing expertise in a new environment. Working with small budgets forces you to think creatively and challenges the return on investment in every idea, says Cherry”Marketing Week

Where To Volunteer:

It is clear that volunteering with a marketing team provides invaluable experiences that strengthen a team’s communication skills and contribute to corporate goals. The hard part is deciding which organization works best with your team. Here are some national nonprofits that have group volunteering programs worth checking out:

  1. Feeding America
  2. Red Cross America
  3. UNICEF United States Fund
  4. Habitat for Humanity
  5. Humane Society

For more information about local nonprofits with group opportunities, visit:


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